"Freaking Letters" Updated!

Freaking Letters (2.0.0) headlines:
- Complete re-design of the game
- New ranking system
- New unlockables
- A bunch of fixes and improvements

Full Changelog:
- Added: New design elements to the whole game
- Added: 10 min. mode to the game
- Added: Ranking system and trading menu
- Added: Custom profile with username and image customization
- Added: Lettereffects and improved existing ones
- Added: 12 new unlockables
- Added: Eventlog to keep track of your achievements

- Added (Android): Possibility to get open points for watching a daily ad.
- Added (Scirra Arcade): 2 new leaderboards
- Added (Game Jolt): 12 new trophies and 2 new leaderboards
- Changed: Bonus menu got a complete revamp which should increase your winning chances
- Changed: Main menu to fit new options available [Music/Audio/Profile settings]
- Changed: Improved the saving system for the last time [Sorry existing savedata will be lost]
- Changed: Removed fullscreen option for the web releases
- Changed: Removed custom game backgrounds
- Fixed: Your score could go below 0
- Fixed: Lettereffect [left/right movement] not working correctly on larger screens
- Fixed: Letter is not getting reset when spamming the pause button
- Fixed: Issue with wrong letter values that could return wrong button values as a result
- Fixed: Timer disappearing when the game is paused
- Fixed: Issue were the game would display "NaN" in the results menu
- Fixed (Game Jolt): Trophies would not unlock even if done correctly
- Fixed (V2.0.1): The issue were the profile name and image won't load correctly
- Fixed (V2.0.2): The issue were the unlockable "Totally_addicted" would unlock multiple times
- Fixed (Android / V2.0.2): Extremely long load times for the optional ingame ads

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