What's Up With "TheRealDannyyy's Games"?

Unmaintained Blog + Thanks:
It's been a while since I posted stuff in here, so why not do it now real quick.
First off, I'm no longer going to maintain this blog (not like I did anyway).
This blog had fairly good stats with a lot of visitors though, thanks a lot for that!

Future Updates (Bluebird):
If you've been one of those visitors and are still interested in any of my projects, I'd recommend you to follow me on Twitter. All of my most recent activities will be posted there from now on, you can also directly message me if you like.

I will get even more active there in the near future so stay tuned!
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That's it, see'ya!

"Freaking Letters" Updated!

Freaking Letters (2.0.0) headlines:
- Complete re-design of the game
- New ranking system
- New unlockables
- A bunch of fixes and improvements

Full Changelog:
- Added: New design elements to the whole game
- Added: 10 min. mode to the game
- Added: Ranking system and trading menu
- Added: Custom profile with username and image customization
- Added: Lettereffects and improved existing ones
- Added: 12 new unlockables
- Added: Eventlog to keep track of your achievements

- Added (Android): Possibility to get open points for watching a daily ad.
- Added (Scirra Arcade): 2 new leaderboards
- Added (Game Jolt): 12 new trophies and 2 new leaderboards
- Changed: Bonus menu got a complete revamp which should increase your winning chances
- Changed: Main menu to fit new options available [Music/Audio/Profile settings]
- Changed: Improved the saving system for the last time [Sorry existing savedata will be lost]
- Changed: Removed fullscreen option for the web releases
- Changed: Removed custom game backgrounds
- Fixed: Your score could go below 0
- Fixed: Lettereffect [left/right movement] not working correctly on larger screens
- Fixed: Letter is not getting reset when spamming the pause button
- Fixed: Issue with wrong letter values that could return wrong button values as a result
- Fixed: Timer disappearing when the game is paused
- Fixed: Issue were the game would display "NaN" in the results menu
- Fixed (Game Jolt): Trophies would not unlock even if done correctly
- Fixed (V2.0.1): The issue were the profile name and image won't load correctly
- Fixed (V2.0.2): The issue were the unlockable "Totally_addicted" would unlock multiple times
- Fixed (Android / V2.0.2): Extremely long load times for the optional ingame ads